Mappa, ae. f., a napkin, table-napkin. Mundus,
-i. m., like the Gr. κόσμος, the universe, the world, esp. the heavens and the heavenly bodies.

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Mappa Mundi Cartography specializes in cartographic design.
It makes customized maps for all manner of publications.

About Me


Rare is the historian with computer skills, an eye for graphic design and a fascination for maps. Yet here I am.


When I was working on my doctoral thesis, my supervisors asked me to help them make the maps they needed for their publications. Pretty soon their publishers got wind of this, and before long I was spending many an evening drawing all manner of maps.


That was 2012. Since then I have spent my time gaining experience and honing my skills. In 2017, I finally decided to 'go-pro' and see where it would take me. Mappa Mundi Cartography was born.


Today, I dedicate most of my working hours creating the personalized maps that your publication deserves.


Erik Goosmann

Utrecht, August 2017


So How Does it Work?


Whether you are working on a book, a thesis, or an article, there is a tremendous amount of effort that goes into publishing one's work. A good map can be crucial to explain a narrative's geographical framework. But when it comes to publishing, a print screen from an on-line mapping website no longer cuts it. Don't worry, this is where I come in!


I design your maps quickly, tailored to your needs, and at an affordable rate.


To get started, I only need two things:


1. A (very) basic draft

Show me what you have in mind. This can be description in a Word document, a print screen from Google Maps, or a scan of an existing map, with your pen markings on it.


2. A list of geographical features

Add a list of all the places and other geographical (or non-geographical) features you wish to have included in your map.


Based on this information, I shall provide a cost estimate. Agree to it, and I will get to work! Lastly, I value a satisfied customer. You may expect me to think along, make suggestions, and contact you if I come across any questions during the drawing process. When the map is finished, you will received the proofs. Know that I am always happy to make minor adjustments at no extra cost. What counts is that your publication ends up with a map we are both happy with.

Mappa Mundi Cartography is a registered company with the Dutch Camber of Commerce under number: 69676151


Company address:

Hoge Dijkseweg 19

4041 AW Kesteren, NL



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